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Hex has been invented by mathematicians and the rules are basic. Therefore it is relatively easy to make a simple artificial intelligence compared to chess for instance. However the branching factor is huge and a brutal approach is not as efficient in Hex than in Chess. This fact is another similarity to Go.


  • 1942 Invention of Hex.
  • In 1953 Shannon and Moore build an electric machine able to play Hex. The board is considered as an electric circuit with one player's (Blue for example) hexes being off switches and the other's being on switches, the empty hexes are resistances. The machine measures the global resistance of the circuit between Red's edges, tries every move and then chooses the one that minimizes the resistance value of the circuit, trying to make it easier to join the two sides.
  • 1994 Birth of Queenbee.
  • In 2000 Hexy is gold medallist of the 5th Computer Olympiad in London. Hexy is the first computer program to use virtual connections.
  • July 7th 2002. Six, the current best available hex playing program is created.
  • October 2008. Wolve is gold medallist of the 13th Computer Olympiad in Beijing. MoHex uses UCT algorithm in Hex, and plays better than Six.

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